Frequently Asked Questions

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Private Labeling Pet Treats

I want to create my own private label pet treats. Where do I start?
Do you offer co-packing?
What needs to be listed on my pet treat labels to be compliant?
Where can I order labels for my pet treats?
Where can I find small bags to use for sample packages of dog treats?
Do I need to register private label treats in my state?
Do you offer treat registration assistance?
Where can I get packaging for bulk dog treats?
Do you offer fulfillment services?
Do you offer assistance with export paperwork?

Wholesale Customers

How are shipping costs calculated?
Are there any discounts for higher order amounts?
What is your wholesale store's minimum order amount?
How fast will my order be shipped out?
How do I know when my treats expire?
What if I receive damaged products?
How should I store the bulk treats?

I want to create my own private label pet treats. Where do I start?

We are more than happy to help you get started building your own brand of pet treats. We have a few different options available for customers of all sizes. Read more below to find out which program is best for your company.

Custom Recipes and Baking - Starting at 1,000 lbs Per Recipe (Est. $15,000+ Initial Investment)

If you are looking for a private label manufacturer for custom recipes for your treats we would love to bake for your brand. Our minimums start at 1,000 lbs per recipe on our small format equipment and go up from there for other equipment. We require pre-printed or pre-labeled packaging. With the cost of packaging, plates, and initial inventory, this investment can easily start out at $15,000 or more. If these figured are in line with what you're expecting, get more information on our private label program here.

Build Your Own Private Label - $150+ Initial Investment

The Pound Bakery has an online wholesale store offering over 60 different SKUs of all-natural dog treats in bulk boxes. You can choose from any of these treats and order online to start your own private label program. Our minimum order amount for our online store is $150 per order. These bulk treats can either be packaged and labeled as your own brand name treats or sold in bulk under your brand's name. We also offer stock packaging and customized labels in our online store. You can order each of these components and package and label your treats to get started with your own branded treats at a much lower cost. To apply for a login to our wholesale store, sign up here.

If you'd prefer to hire out the packaging of the treats from our wholesale store, find out more below.

Do you offer copacking?

We do offer co-packing. Our in house minimums for co-packaging start at 1,000 lbs per SKU. Contact us for more information on these programs.

What do I need to list on my labels?

If you're planning to purchase our treats in bulk and repackage them under your own brand name, you will need to make sure your labels are AFFCO Compliant (see more details at Each state has different regulations for what is required to be listed on your pet treats. We recommend reaching out to your state's Department of Agriculture and requesting they review your labels before you take them to print. You can find your state's contact information here:

Generally, the following things are required to be on your pet treat labels:

  • "Distributed by:" and your full business address
  • Name of the species the treat is intended for clearly on the main label (i.e. "for dogs," "for cats," "cat treats," "dog treats")
  • Net weight
  • Ingredients
  • Guaranteed Analysis
  • Calorie Information
  • Feeding guidelines

Our graphic design team can help you create your own labels for an additional fee or you can order pre-populated, customized labels in our online store. However, we are not AFFCO representatives and cannot officially approve the labels.

Where can I order labels for my pet treats?

We offer customized labels for all of the regular items in our online store. These labels will be printed on a 4" x 3 1/3" glossy white label and can be customized with your own logo and store information. These labels will come pre-populated with your treat's ingredients, guaranteed analysis, and other information you generally need to be compliant. We are not AAFCO representatives though and do not guarantee that your labels will be approved. Each state has its own requirements for labels. Find out more on registering your treats below.

You can also order printed packaging labels from other websites like or Belmark. Or you can order blank labels and print them in-house to save on cost.

Where can I find small bags to use for sample packages?

Here are some links to small packages that you can order online and then add a sticker or header card to use as samples.

Do I need to register my pet treats in my state?

If you are purchasing our treats and selling them under our brand name and in the packaging you receive them in, you do not need to register the treats in your state.

If you are repackaging our treats or selling them under your own brand name, you do need to register the treats under your own brand name in every state you are selling them in. The treats will need to be registered and approved by your state's Department of Agriculture. Find more information on regulations and contact information for your state here:

Do you offer treat registration assistance?

We do not offer product registration assistance or approval of pet treat labels. Here are some recommended companies that offer AAFCO approval and product registration services:

Where can I get packaging for the bulk treats?

Several of our customers package and resell our bulk treats as a way to get started with their own private label brands. We currently offer two sizes of clear pouches, two sizes of white pouches, and a kraft paper pouch that work well for pet treats. You can order bundles of this packaging online at

If you're looking for something more unique, the following websites have several options for standup pouches or dog treat packaging.

*Tip: We highly recommend testing and filling your packaging prior to printed labels. The density of each treat varies, so one sized bag may fit 16 oz. of one treat but only 8 oz. of another. 

Do you offer fulfillment services?

Yes, we offer B2B and B2C (e-commerce) fulfillment. Find more information and pricing here.

Do you offer assistance with export paperwork?

Yes, we do. Find more details on pricing here.

Wholesale Customers

How are shipping costs calculated?

Our shipping costs are based on our negotiated, real-time rates through UPS and FedEx. Shipping costs will be automatically calculated and offered to you during your checkout process.

How fast will my order be shipped out?

Most wholesale orders will ship out within 48 hours (two business day) unless there are treats that are on back order. If your order will take longer than two business days to ship out we will notify you via email.

Are there any discounts for higher order amounts?

If your order totals more than $1500 from our wholesale store, you will receive free shipping on that order.

What is your wholesale store's minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount for our online, wholesale store is $150 per order. This cannot be waived or lowered.

How do I know when my treats expire?

Packaged Treats - All of our packaged treats have a "best by" date printed on the packaging.

Bulk Treats - All bulk boxes of treats will have a Julian Code printed on the outside of the box showing the date they were made. All treats made by The Pound Bakery have an 18-month shelf life unless otherwise stated. Add 18 months to the Julian code on the box to determine the best by date of your treats.

Julian Codes 5 digits long and will look similar to #18001. The codes are determined by the last two digits of the year, follows by the number of the day of the entire year. So, January 1, 2018 is #18001 ("18" = 2018, "001" = the first day of the year), and December 31, 2018 is #18365 ("18" = 2018, "365" = the 365th day of the year). Use this free online Julian Code converter to determine what date your treats were made. 

What if I receive damaged products?

The Pound Bakery reserves the right to not refund or replace products if the shipment is delivered as damaged and is not signed off on properly. Please see instructions below on how to handle deliveries if your product arrives damaged.

UPS or FEDEX Small Parcel shipments

  • Notate to the driver that the items appear to be damaged, the delivery driver may ask you to open and check while he or she is there.
  • If it is damaged, your delivery driver will either take the damaged portion back to the terminal or the full portion, typically they will work with you on this. If they leave the damaged product there, please contact us will details of how many boxes and pictures of the boxes, also please hold on to the product until we say it can be donated or destroyed ( this is generally only up to 5 days).

Freight Shipments

We ship products to you frequently on a pallet. When receiving freight on a pallet please follow these protocols to properly receive freight:

  • Inspect for damages. Do NOT sign the delivery receipt before inspecting for damage. Check to see if any of the shrink wrap has been cut or removed, boxes are crushed, been opened or if the sealing tape has been tampered with. Pick up cartons if you can.
  • Ensure the piece count is correct. Count the pieces and match the number on the delivery receipt to the number you have counted.

If your delivery appears even slightly damaged at all or pieces are missing this must be noted on the delivery receipt. Here is how you note exceptions on the delivery receipt:

  • Damage Notations: If you can see the damage have the driver wait while you open and inspect the packages. Write down the number and description of the damaged pieces.
  • Shortages Notations: If part of the shipment is missing, write the number of pieces actually delivered on the receipt and circle it. Then write down the number of pieces missing and note them as “short.”
  • Signatures: Write down all exceptions on BOTH copies of the delivery receipt. Have the driver sign both copies of the delivery receipt in their full name. After the driver signs, you sign also. Write your company’s name, your full name, the date, and the time of the day.

The receiving person is responsible for notating if there are any damages or shortages on the shipment, please share this info with all your team members. This must be notated on the receiving bill. We cannot make claims if this isn’t signed off properly.

Please take photos of any damage and do not dispose of any damaged freight until you are further advised. For future orders, if damages are not signed off on correctly at the time of delivery, We reserve the right to not refund or replace the product. Please help us to receive damage product properly so we can get you replacements and make the shipping company responsible for their poor handling. Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions or concerns. You can email all the details and pictures to or feel free to call 815-943-8144 and we can help with any future questions.

How should I store bulk treats I receive from The Pound Bakery?

Our bulk treats can be stored in the packaging that they arrive in. All bulk treats are sealed in large plastic bags inside of boxes. For long-term storage in these plastic bags, cut a small hole in the top of the package and twist the plastic bag shut to provide an airtight seal.

If you will be storing your treats elsewhere, be sure to keep them in an airtight container and to store them in a cool, dry location.