Tips to Sucessfully Reopen Your Pet Store Post-Pandemic

We saw a major shut down throughout the United States and the rest of the world in the last few months. With the Covid-19 curve finally showing signs of being flattened, the economy is slowly starting to reopen in phases. As we try to move forward into our new normal, consumer shopping habits will be different now. As a retailer, it is important to get ahead of this new normal and strategize some ideas to help your business adjust successfully. 

A Different Focus Point

Many people’s lives have completely turned around due to the pandemic. We have seen an increase in unemployment and a decrease in spending habits. On the other hand, others have continued their lives as they did prior to the pandemic. Working from home allows some people to keep their jobs which gives them a continuous flow of cash. Because of this split, your business might not cater to the same demographic as it once did. Reopening your business will require you to focus on your customers, product selection, and selling options differently. 

It is entirely up to you as a retail owner to decide which side relates to your customers the most. Many pet owners are experiencing tight budgets during this time. Everyone still needs to provide for their pets, this is where the “good, better, best” approach comes in. Editor in Chief for Pet Business Magazine, Mark Kalaygian explains that this approach will reach out to a wide variety of customers. No matter the budget or situation, everyone will be able to shop your store for what they need with the budget they have. 

The other side is known as the “only the best” approach. This approach will attract customers who may have the same, maybe even increased, spending habits. Many people have spent much more time with their pets during the stay at home orders, this has led some to become more cautious with their pet purchases. We have seen an increase of people switching to better quality food, treats, and other products. This approach is going to provide these customers with the better quality products they desire. After all, who was by their side this whole quarantine? Their dog, of course! Therefore, people may be even more likely to want only the best products for their faithful companion.

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The Newest Adaption - Continue Offering Delivery, Pickup and Other Solutions

Due to many businesses being forced to shut down partially, those in the pet industry have grown their e-commerce abilities immensely. They have also explored different ways to get product into the customers hands by doing home deliveries and curbside pickup. This is what has kept many pet stores opening during this time. Customers can still shop at their local pet stores without needing to go to other online outlets for pet products. As your business begins to reopen, consider keeping these forms of delivery available for your customers.

If your business is just starting to reopen, consider starting to offer these solutions. Need help getting a new website up and running? Contact us for help.

Offering a subscription for pet food delivery is a great way to keep customers shopping without them needing to come inside. You could even send free samples with each monthly/weekly delivery to incentivise and thank your customers for joining your subscription.

Safe Contact - Implement Guidelines

After being at home for many weeks, customers are going to start craving the shopping experience. Independent stores are great at providing this for their customers and will continue to do so in the new normal. As reopening begins the business should be prepared to meet the new standards of normal. Your store should be pleasing to the eye and easy to shop through. Take time to retrain your staff on cleaning, sanitizing, and close contact procedures. 

Encouraging contactless payment methods, providing hand sanitizer, wearing masks, and frequently cleaning will prove to your customers that you care about their safety. If your business can adapt and work with customers, they will show their support and continue to shop. Reopening post pandemic can be a smooth process with these 3 main stragegies.