Registering Your Pet Treats

If you are planning to purchase treats in bulk and relabel or sell them under your own brand name you will need to make sure you follow your state's guidelines and get your treats registered.

Most states require pet treats to be regulated by the State Department of Agriculture. The state will either require registration of labels of products or will require a feed license for the firm that makes the pet food products (AAFCO).

What do I need to list on my labels?

If you're planning to purchase our treats in bulk and repackage them under your own brand name, you will need to make sure your labels are AFFCO Compliant (see more details at Each state has different regulations for what is required to be listed on your pet treats. We recommend reaching out to your state's Department of Agriculture and requesting they review your labels before you take them to print. You can find your state's contact information here:

Generally, the following things are required to be on your pet treat labels:

  • "Distributed by:" and your full business address
  • Name of the species the treat is intended for clearly on the main label (i.e. "for dogs," "for cats," "cat treats," "dog treats")
  • Net weight
  • Ingredients
  • Guaranteed Analysis
  • Calorie Information
  • Feeding guidelines

Our graphic design team can help you create your own labels for an additional fee or you can order pre-populated, customized labels in our online store. However, we are not AFFCO representatives and cannot officially approve the labels.

Do I need to register my pet treats in my state?

If you are purchasing our treats and selling them under our brand name and in the packaging you receive them in, you do not need to register the treats in your state.

If you are repackaging our treats or selling them under your own brand name, you do need to register the treats under your own brand name in every state you are selling them in. The treats will need to be registered and approved by your state's Department of Agriculture. Find more information on regulations and contact information for your state here:

Do you offer treat registration assistance?

We do not offer product registration assistance or approval of pet treat labels. Here are some recommended companies that offer AAFCO approval and product registration services:

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