Marketing Tips For Your Pet Business in the New Year

Let's face it, everyone needs to recover from the holidays. Your store is probably low on inventory and customers are coming in less while their bank accounts recover from the holidays. If you're trying to figure out new ways to engage your customers and get people in the store in January here are a few of our top tips.

Social Media

Take advantage of the several different quirky holidays that take place in January. Gear sales and social media content around these holidays:

  • January 2nd: National Pet Travel Safety Day
    Use this day as an opportunity to focus on your travel-related items. Whether you have functional treats that help keep pets calm during travel or you supply leashes, collars, or harnesses, feature these on your social media. You can even offer a one-day discount on these items to help get customers to order online or shop in store. 
  • January 3rd: National Fruitcake Toss Day
    Remind your customers that as they're throwing out their fruitcakes that dogs can not have them if they contain raisins.
  • January 6th: Cuddle Up Day
    Take this opportunity to have your customers share pictures of their pets cuddled up. Have a competition on social media and give the winner some free treats! 
  • January 14th: National Dress Up Your Pet Day
    This fun holiday has so much potential. Host a party and invite your customers to come in with their pets dressed up for a photo booth or party. Offer a discount for customers that come in with a dressed up pet. Or, just encourage customers to dress up their pets and share pictures with you on social media.
  • January 20th: National Cheese Lover's Day
    Have a cheese flavored treat in your store or online? Feature it on social media or offer a discount on this product today.
  • January 21st: National Squirrel Appreciation Day
    Everyone knows that dogs are CRAZY about squirrels. Take this opportunity to feature a squirrel toy you carry or just to share cute photos or videos on your social media pages.
  • January 22nd: National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day
    This day is meant for cat owners to answer their cat's questions and make them happy. Encourage your customers to make their cats happy today but offering a discount on all cat-related products.
  • January 24th: Change a Pet's Life Day and National Peanut Butter Day
    Celebrate this day but encouraging people to adopt/purchase your pets, take advantage of your stellar veterinary services, or get their pet a new toy or treat that will "change their life". You can also take this opportunity to highlight one of your peanut butter flavored treats! 

January is also National Walk Your Pet Month and National Train Your Dog Month. You can feature these observances all month long by highlighting your training treats, leashes, or walking accessories, or by sharing tips and advice on your social media pages. 

New Products

If you're looking for a new way to get customers to your store or to shop online because your sales have slowed down, consider adding a new or limited time product to your offerings. Make sure you highlight these on social media and send out an email announcing these new features. 

Party Time

If you have a pet store or vet office, consider having an "after-the-holidays party" or a party focused on one of the fun national holidays we mentioned above. Offer a free gift card to anyone that attends or a crazy discount that will make it appealing. Set up a photo booth for pet-parents to get their picture taken at and offer free snacks for owners and their pets alike. This will help encourage people to come into your store and hopefully buy the product while they're in or schedule their next appointment.

Plan Ahead

If you're planning to push a specific product in the month of  January, make sure you stock up on these treats or toys ahead of time. Order your bulk treats online today or sign up for a wholesale login to see what we have available in our online store.

You can also schedule out your social media posts and emails ahead of time as well so everything is on auto-pilot and you can focus on the event planning and respond to people's questions.