Use Dog Treats to Bring in More Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

Times are tough right now for so many different people. Consumers aren’t spending as much money, business owners may be suffering, and dogs may not be getting special treats as often. We want to offer our help to businesses in hopes of bringing in more sales and making these tough times a little easier. Utilizing our overstock dog treats can provide endless possibilities to create offers that can help boost your business and keep customers coming back.


Social media giveaways are a perfect way to engage your followers and promote your business. There are so many different ways you can set up your giveaway. Here's how you can set up a simple social media giveaway to get more followers and thank your current customers.

  1. Come up with a creative bundle of treats, try to throw in some different flavors and shapes!
  2. Snap a picture of what one (or a few) lucky customers and their dog(s) will win and create a giveaway post.
  3. Tell your followers what to do to enter to win!
  • If you want to draw more attention to your page, ask your followers to tag a few friends, share and/or like the post in order to be entered into the giveaway.
  • During these uncertain times, we all need something to brighten up our days. Try setting up a silly photo contest for your furry customers. Not only will all the goofy dog pictures make everyone smile, one silly dog will turn into a lucky dog!

Giveaways are fun for everyone and a nice way to give back to your loyal customers. They’re also a good way to get customers back in the store looking for those yummy treats they won that their dog loved!

Free Treat Bags

A great way to introduce your customers to something new can be through free samples. This will get them to try something that maybe they would have never tried otherwise. Customers love getting free samples to give to their dogs and it encourages them to come back. Samples can be just a handful of treats put into a nice bag so they are easy to hand out. The good thing about having small sample bags? You can do so many things with them! Who doesn’t like a little something extra with a purchase?

Even though COVID-19 has everyone practicing social distancing, there are still opportunities to thrive. Reward your customers with a free goodie bag!

  • If your business offers curbside pickup or home delivery, try promoting that every customer will receive a free sample bag of treats when they use these options.
  • If you have products that you need to move you can use the free bags of treats to encourage the sale of that item. As an example, if you're trying to move your dog food, you could run a “Buy a 20 lb bag of XXX dog food and get a free bag of treats” sale.

You can also use these treats to simply say “Thank you” to your customers. Giving them an unexpected gift is a great way to keep sales up and ensure they will be back in your store once we are through this pandemic!

Looking for small bags to use? Here are some small bags that work well to put together goodie bags of dog treats.

Trail Mix Goodie Bags

Creating a custom package of treats can be a fun way to test out different treats. You’ll get to see which treats your customers like best and also keep their dogs excited. We know that dogs tend to get bored when they eat the same thing every day. So why not help them out by offering a flavor-packed trail mix? Dogs might be getting bored of the same routine right now because their owners are home, this goodie bag gives them some excitement. A happy dog means a happy owner! You could even use trail mix goodie bags for a giveaway or for shopping incentives.

Treats & Toy Bundles

Since everyone is all under one roof for a while, a new toy might be what every dog owner needs to keep their dog happy. And what goes better together than treats and toys? These are most likely every dog's favorite thing in the world!

Run a special in your store with our overstock treats! Here are some ideas: 

  • Include a free bag of treats with every dog toy purchase. Be sure to tell your customers that treats can be stuffed inside different toys for their dogs to enjoy!
  • If your store sells dog-specific peanut butter, you could create a “Bored Dog Bundle.” Take pictures of your best selling stuffable toys, a bag of treats and a doggy peanut butter and offer those to customers who need something new for their dog to do at home!


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