Why Your Pet Brand or Store Should Carry Freeze-Dried Meats

In the last few years, the pet industry has seen a shift in what consumers are feeding their dogs and cats. Pet owners have become more conscious about what they are feeding and where it’s coming from. From limited-ingredient kibble to completely raw diets, pet owners everywhere are changing their dog’s diet for the better. To keep up with the increasing demand for better quality options, pet stores need to adapt to the needs of their customers.

Why Is Freeze-Dried Meat So Popular?

Freeze dried meats have been growing in popularity for quite some time and for good reason too! Freeze-dried meats are made with just one single ingredient. This makes it a great option for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. Pet owners can rest easy knowing their dog is getting something of high quality that is also gentle on the body.

There are no added chemicals or preservatives used when producing freeze-dried meats. This is an all-natural option. Due to the process of making meat freeze-dried, it loses all of its water content. This means that the meat will be smaller in size but still pack the same protein punch as fresh raw meat. That means you can fit more meat into a smaller package, giving your customers a great value! 

What Is Freeze Drying?

To make freeze-dried meats, the meat goes through a process called flash freezing. This exposes the meat to an extremely low temperature until it is then put into a vacuum processor. The atmosphere around the meat begins to lower in pressure which then removes the moisture from the meat.

Freeze-dried meats have a longer shelf life than other meats and that is because there are no added preservatives. Without the presence of water in the meat, bacteria is not able to survive which is why added preservatives are not needed.

Benefits Of Freeze-Dried

Dogs that eat freeze-dried meats get many benefits from it. The great thing about freeze-dried is that the meat contains the same nutritional value, quality, color, and even taste as it had before being freeze-dried.

Dogs that are given freeze dried-proteins can have better skin and coat, improved digestion, be less likely to have an allergic reaction, and have better weight management. Freeze-dried provides pet owners with the ease of feeding kibble but also offers the same ingredients and benefits of raw. Unlike raw meats, freeze-dried meats have a lower risk of spreading harmful bacteria.

How To Sell Freeze-Dried Meats & Where to Buy Them

Because freeze-dried meats have such a long shelf life, this gives pet stores the ability to purchase large quantities without worrying about their product expiring. The Pound Bakery offers bulk freeze-dried meats in our online wholesale store for businesses to purchase. There are a few ways that we suggest selling these to your customers.

Start Your Own Freeze-Dried Private Label Line

Packaging freeze-dried meats is the most popular way to offer it to your customers. This is a great option for customers who want to try it out or can’t commit to a larger size. To start your own line of branded freeze-dried meats, you can order our bulk meats online through your wholesale account and then package and resell it under your own brand name. This is a great way to start your own line for a small investment. 

Offer Freeze-Dried Meats in Bulk

Pet stores can also offer their customers a bulk option which allows for less trips to the store and more product to last a while. Stores could sell these meats by the ounce and simply offer large bags to customers. Either way, freeze-dried meats hold great value no matter the size package it’s sold in.

Feeding Suggestions

If you’re new to the freeze-dried game, there are a few things you should know when informing your customers on how they can feed it to their dogs. Freeze-dried meats can be given in a few different ways to benefit dogs.

Single-Ingredient Treats

A popular and good introductory method is using the meat as a treat. Because freeze-dried meat pieces are small and easy to break apart if needed, many people love using them as an occasional treat.

Meal Toppers

When used as a meal topper, freeze-dried meat can offer some excitement to a possibly boring meal time. Not only will this keep them interested in what they’re eating but it also gives them a boost of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Freeze-dried meats are a great way to feed dogs a natural diet that doesn’t require the mess from raw foods. It can be added into homemade meals or even adding into a dehydrated meal. If pet owners are wanting to give their dog a healthy meal while staying away from the kibble, but don’t want to clean up after a messy raw meal, feeding freeze dried is their best option!

Health Benefits of Freeze-Dried Meats for Dogs

Chicken Breast Benefits

Freeze-dried chicken breast is extremely healthy for all dogs to eat. It is an excellent source of lean protein, providing dogs with plenty of energy without the extra calories. Chicken breast supplies a lot of omega-6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat. It also is loaded in essential amino acids and glucosamine to ensure healthy and strong bones. Many people turn to chicken if their dog has an upset stomach or allergies. This lean meat is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Lamb Liver Benefits

Liver is an organ meat which means it is very high in nutrients. It’s also full of key nutrients and healthy fats needed for a balanced diet. Liver is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin B, copper, iron, and phosphorus. Dogs who experience fatigue or anemia can benefit greatly from eating lamb liver.

Beef Liver Benefits

Beef liver has all the benefits of lamb liver with the exception of a few added benefits. Beef liver is high in copper which helps the body absorb iron more efficiently. It has also been known to help with digestion and promote healthy liver and eye health. Cooking any type of liver causes it to lose its nutritional value. So freeze dried liver gives the same benefits as raw liver, but without the harmful bacteria.