Common Misconceptions About Pets Allergies

Is your dog or cat showing signs of allergies? If they are, food and diet might not necessarily be the cause. Here are some tips to help you better understand what the source of your pet's allergies might be.

Food Allergy Statistics

As more and more people are becoming diagnosed with and aware of food allergies, of pets having similar food allergies is increasing as well. Interestingly enough, according to the State of Pet Health Report by Banfield Pet Hosptial, less than 0.25% of dogs and less than 0.15% of cats actually have food allergies. This means that if your pet is having digestive, respiratory, or skin/coat issues, there is a significant chance that food is not the source of the problem.

Other Common Allergies in Pets

Flea Allergies

There are several other allergens that have been increasingly diagnosed in pets over the past several years. Flea allergies, for example, have increased significantly recently. In the past decade flea allergies have increased by 12.5% among dogs and by 67.3% among cats.

With this increase in allergies, more pets are showing up to vets with reported itchiness. Fleas have shown to be one of the most common parasites present among pets brought to the vet. What many people don’t know about fleas is that they are around all four seasons of the year, even in colder climates. 

Environmental Allergies

Another type of allergy that is showing to be more common among dogs and cats are environmental allergies. Banfield Pet Hospital's recent report shows that in the last ten years, allergies from the environment have risen by more than 30% among dogs and over 11% among cats. These allergens can include pollen, fabrics, feathers, cleaning products, and more.


To prevent this, pet owners should be constantly checking their pets for any signs of allergies and also taking the proper steps to prevent allergies concerning fleas and the environment. This can be done by looking for signs of scratching, checking their coat, and giving them anti-flea products.